Speaking Services

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A Little Bit About Me

I've been honored to host my school's high school graduation the past 11 years, speaking to crowds as large as 3000.

As a high school teacher, I speak to over 150 students every day of the school year.

I enjoy every chance I get to both educate and entertain a crowd.

As an speaker, I will provide your audience with an entertaining experience on stage.  I’ve presented to audiences in a variety of sizes, settings and contexts. I will engage your audience with valuable life lessons and use humorous stories to get my points across.

Speaking Topics*

Speaking Topic #1: How to Attract Women If You're Not That Attractive

This is a condensed version of my book.  In this talk, I go over the "five do's" and "five don't's" of attracting women for men who are not GQ models.  This speech is ideal for fraternities, proud geek clubs, and guys just who either brokenhearted or lonely

Speaking Topic #2: How Reading Changed My Life

This talk, which is aimed at both men and women, I explain how my decision to self-educate myself helped me go from lonely to dating to engaged in a span of 18 months.  I explain the importance of doing research and taking action in attempting to change one's life.  I review how I used books to learn how to improve in everything I did from dating, to coaching basketball, to running a several business, and more.  This talk is aimed towards a mixed gender audience.

Speaking Topic #3: How to Publish a Book If You Suck as a Writer

*If you have an idea for a speech that you would like me make tailored specifically to your audience, fill out this form and I'll be happy to get back to you.